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Saturday, June 9, 2012


They call it male pattern baldness, but when Alopecia hits women, as well as some men, it hits hard and fast. But unlike men who are considered even more "distinguished" or "hot", balding women get no such descriptions. But guess what? We don't need it!
We are our own kind of beautiful!
I decided to create this blog in conjunction with the upcoming release of my contemporary romance, Beautiful In My Eyes and my non-fiction book of thoughts, Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful, but more importantly, I wanted to share my personal thoughts and tidbits, and help 'Alopecians' everywhere to know we are not alone. There are kindred spirits everywhere, and hair or no hair, we really are our own kind of beautiful. Hair does not define us, or our beauty.
So stay tuned for my next post:-)


  1. Great post, Jewel, but sadly, most women consider their hair their trademark. We spend so much time and $$$ making it "fit" us. If we face chemo treatments, our first fear is "will my hair fall out." Maybe it's because hair is the one thing we can keep youthful looking when the rest of our body falls prey to old age. I'll be a wrinkly mess when I die, but my hair will still be "naturally" blonde! Look forward to the next segment.

    1. Thanks, Harley! I've had to switch to wigs full time now, but I like wearing different styles,so by the end of the year, my side of our walk-in closet will look like a wig shop:-)

  2. Loved this Jewel! I'm sure you've noticed my hair getting rather long. In a couple weeks, about a foot will be chopped off and sent to Locks of Love. They make wigs for children suffering from alopecia. It's so easy to do, and Great Clips will cut it and mail it off for free.